Now I have SIX

Since I wrote last, I have had another grandchild, his name is Gavin and he rounds out my tribe of six, 5 wonderful little boys and one magnificent granddaughter!  I could not be happier unless I could see them more often, that might make me happier than I already am.

I have finally been able to fulfill the dreams I have had for many years of being able to knit all day long with no interruptions,  to travel to many different destinations with wonderful friends, and to learn how to paint better and without fear! 

So many things to catch up with,  All to do with knitting!  My classes have started for the Spring semester, I have a great group of enthusiastic learners who have already succeeded in finishing some very nice projects!

Laura with her long scarf

Marianne showing her first sweater

Mei modeling her bulky sweater

Sue working on her bulky vest

My recent travels have been centered around knitting, of course, and I was so excited to be able to visit Amsterdam and go to Stephen West's store "Stephen and Penelope"!  It was night time and we walked through the red light district of Amsterdam which was thrilling in itself, and came upon his shop

Yes! It's very bright and exciting; and you walk in and down a few steps. The store is just filled with luscious yarn in gorgeous vibrant colors.  I actually picked out yarn right away and walked to the cashier. As I was paying I heard her say to her colleague, "Stephen said he'd be here in 5 minutes". Well, I stared at the door and was amazed to see him walk in a few minutes later. He is very big and has a commanding presence, but is glowing with kindness and sincerity,  He spent so much time speaking with each of us about our projects and colors and what we wanted to achieve in our choices, what would look best on us,  or what colors worked best together.  He was charming and patient we were all so impressed and happy with the visit to his shop. Thank you, Stephen!

Stephen helping Janice choose colors

My purchase at Stephen and Penelope

Me, thrilled to be meeting Stephen!

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