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The day has finally come! I am out of school! I haven't yet adjusted to the idea that I am not supposed to be someplace doing something for someone is luxurious. I am lucky to have visitors this weekend, my son and his darling girlfriend. She has exhibited the tiniest glimmer of interest in my knitting so, of course, the whole closet comes open and all the boxes and bags of stashed yarn comes out. a perfect opportunity to take some photos that I have been meaning to take for weeks! This is the alpaca that mom and dad brought home from Peru for me! It is exceptionally soft, and the colors are electric! They actually look great together so I am looking for the perfect project with two colors for this gorgeous yarn. Meanwhile I am still working on my summertime shawl which only seems like it is never ending because it is repetitive. Here is a detail of the stitch. I have also been on Ravelry to further organize my stash and projects so I can enjoy the knitting

More Socks

This is the soy yarn, I love the way it feels, and also the way it is working up. The colors are very bright! Beware having too many socks cast on to too many different sets of needles. None actually get finished because it is too much fun starting them! I am also working on finishing the Celery Green sweater that I am copying from my friend's sweater. Hers is cotton but mine is all Chaco wool. It is coming along, draping well on Adele, my dress form. It has been so so hot that it is hard to knit unless I am in an air conditioned environment, LJ and I were going to play golf yesterday but it was 102 degrees at 4:00 so we called it off. I ended up in my TV room, knitting the sleeve of the green sweater. I was just as happy. Today is a bit cooler, only 84 degrees at 12:45.
Busy, busy, busy, that is all I can ever say, the days fly by and there is never enough reflection time or knitting time! The good news is, I have been able to work in some knitting time for example on the bus to Pennsylvania when I took my fifth graders on a field trip (four and a half hours on a coach bus each way) So even in the busiest times, knitting is a soothing distraction and helps to center me again. I have picked up where I left off on these socks, I love to knit socks and since I have so much new sock yarn, I thought I had better get these done, I love these colors and they are working up so nicely! I have already cast on new socks with some yarn that I bought in Maryland, it is made with soy...which I find fascinating but not rational! I eat soy so it is hard to concieve of that turning into yarn! I like the feeling of it so we will give it a try.