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To Knit or.....

  Retired life is amazing.  I am so happy. Every day is my own to do with as I please. While I was working I had a little knitting group during lunch, a bunch of us sat together and knitted or crocheted, and gabbed, I helped everyone out on different problems or stitches, it was a very pleasant break in the otherwise very demanding day. I used to say, "This is all I want to do all day". and I really meant it. And now I really can!   I am immersed in my yarn world every day.  Last weekend I attended the 22nd (for me) NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY .  I jokingly refer to it as "My Christmas Day" It was just fabulous, I go with a great group of friends and we spend the whole day touching and enjoying yarn, alpacas, and knitting goods out in the fresh October air of upstate NY.  I came home with a lot of yarn, I learned in previous years to hold back just a little bit as I had gone overboard so many times and bought yarn without a good idea of what I was
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More Catching Up, Stories of Toronto and. Cold Weather Wear

Here I am modeling the cowl I made, it's made from cashmere and so soft!  It is gray and purple.  To add to the theme of the last post, keeping warm in this winter, I was able to use my "A Girl's Best Friend" Shawl, which I knitted after our trip to Toronto.  We called it our Yarn Crawl through Toronto.  I went with my three great knitting buddies that I met on the knitting cruise ship.  We have had riotous times together and the trip to Toronto was just the best!  Janice wore her "A Girl's Best Friend" and I was so entranced by it that I had her help my choose some yarn so I could make my own.  Here it is: Of course, I have been leaning towards Purple and gray for all of my latest projects!  On the same trip to Toronto we visited a lovely little store off the beaten track called The Knit Cafe , where I found a beautiful shawl kit.   Here is the shawl I knit, It was knit in four pieces which then were stitched together.  It is mohair and a silky thicker

Back to Basics

 2020 was a very trying year.  I am going to move past it and just say that I will be focused on knitting more now than I have been.  It is my serenity!  I Signed up for a knitting class online, to knit a Norwegian Sweater, more specifically a Kofte which is a stranded knitting project.  This is the very beginning of my project         This is what it should look like when finished It is a challenge but its also exciting to try something different.  The instructor is very serious about gauge and keeping the Integrity of the historical pattern as it is over 100 years old. She has interpreted the pattern to some of our more modern standards and into English of course.  I ordered the wool directly from the Instructor who owns and runs a sheep farm in Oslo.  The yarn is Rauma and is fingering weight.  Her website is Knitography  She offers other classes and yarn as well. This winter has been brutal, much more snow and cold weather than we have had in recent years so I actually have had mor

More Copenhagen

I just loved Copenhagen.  On our meanderings we, of course, visited some yarn shops, this one was the favorite, Sommerfuglen.  I was told that meant Butterfly, I thought that was really cute.  I did NOT buy anything here, I have vowed to not buy indiscriminately and only when I have an idea of what I am going to knit with said yarn.   I was absolutely entranced by the bicycles in Copenhagen.  Everyone rides bikes.  Even with dresses and business attire, everyone is riding.  No one wears a helmet.  No one wears fancy racing bike gear.  There are bikes everywhere and you are cautioned NOT to stand in the BIKE LANES!!  You will seriously get run over.  Everyone heeds the traffic laws and does not walk without the walk signal.  All the signals also have an audio component so this is another reminder to be careful. This is a really great photo that Norma took of "rush hour" in Copenhagen.  This is across the street from our hotel.   Actually, I see two people wi

The rest of my trip

Trying to catch up on information from the trip because it was very hard to find a reliable wi-fi to upload photos.  While we were on the ship we were disconnected so that meant we  had to find pubs in the ports we were in to do any internet work. The third day we were in Copenhagen was the day that we became very adventurous and took the train north to Helingsor, which is on the coast and the closest point to Sweden across the channel.  We bought the tickets as a round trip from Copenhagen-Helsingor-Malmo and back to  Copenhagen, Central Station in Copenhagen The view of Helsingor when we got off the train I right =way found something to buy!  A gorgeous orange rain jacket The town is dominated by a huge quay where many older sailing ships are kept.  Tolls were collected by the Danish King during the  This is a panoramic photo of the castle, it is magnificent The castle that stands on the very point is the castle made famous by William Shakespeare in his p

Day two

today was an amazing day although we missed the start of our “tour” Norma and I took off on our own. Headed straight to the Nyhavn canal area to take the canal cruise It was a gorgeous day and the tour was great. After that we headed straight for the royal palace to see the changing of the guard The guard changes at 12:00, it is really a spectacle to watch.  These guys are in the service and volunteered to be in the guard. They are very serious and must be effective because the palace is in an open square where people are milling about all day.  It is beautiful and peaceful We sat and had lunch that we packed this morning around the royal gardens near the water.  For all the photos of the trip, click  HERE

Copenhagen food tour

terrific food tour today, visited a world renowned brewery and award winning restaurant located in the revitalized meat packing district in the west end of Copenhagen.  Also sampled handmade ice cream pops, dream cake , cappuccino from hand roasted beans and hand made chocolate.  Denmark is committed to organic eating, preserving food, wind energy, these have become all important here. Now off to find the yarn store Hand made Chocolates on display Mikkeller beer Storefront for Mikkeller Found the yarn store!  Sommefuglen = butterfly Kildten gave us his freshly made rhubarb ice cream pops covered in white chocolate We are standing behind his shop where he makes his confections. Sommebrot, rye bread with herring  and one with organic grass fed beef Delicious with Aquavit! Sensation (“Sebbie”) brewing our cappucino made with coffee roasted in house. We also had a traditional treat called Dream Cake mmmmmm!!