Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas comes but once a year...

but knitting goes on all year long!

    These were the Christmas cards that I made this year, I cut a linoleum block and printed each one. I enjoyed it because I actually had time one weekend night with nothing else to do but work on these....and decorate a little bit.  I always have my Santas out on display.  These make me think of Michael and how adorable he was when he was a little guy.  He is still adorable to  me, but he doesn't always like to hear me say it.

    I was unable to complete everything that I was planning on giving this Christmas, but the people who are waiting are very special to me and deserve the time and effort that goes into making one-of-a-kind gifts.  
    I started a scarf for my new son-in-law immediately after my daughter told me he needed one.!  I was going great guns with it until Christmas Eve when we were all ensconced in my sister's gorgeous mansion, eating, drinking and merry.  I just couldn't leave the party to become, once again, "that girl in the corner knitting like crazy" so I had to promise the finished item in a few days.  This is the very beginning of the scarf, in a mini-herringbone stitch.  I love the effect and I hope Brad will enjoy it!

    At precisely the same time, my son and daughter-in-law requested a hat to bring the new baby home from the hospital in!  The baby, due January 22, will, of course, deserve a special home coming cap so I set right to it, this morning actually.  I may re-make it because I was making it up as I went along, basing my design on a picture they had sent me.  I am very happy with the result but can always see some way to improve the final project.

    I am home on Christmas break now so I aim to also finish three infinity scarves for my nieces.  Lindsay got one before Christmas and they are in such high demand that I will probably be making them for several months just to keep up.  Here is the beginning of one for Julia.   
I really wanted to get a picture of Lindsay with hers on, I will have to ask her to take a "selfie" and send it to me!  Here is a picture of Laura Jean sporting her infinity scarf which was the one that started the rage!

I have also been enjoying some culinary experiments. After dining out at the Jolly Fisherman restaurant in Roslyn, and eating their creamed spinach, I tried making my own, to serve with Lemon-Rosemary Salmon steak.  Mmmmm...very good, very good!
I am going to stop and knit now, so I can post some more pictures soon!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sheep and Wool 2012!

The colors and the yarn!  It was all like a dream!  I look forward to this day all year long and I was not disappointed at all.  I was more discriminating in my search for yarn, I have to say, I searched and held back, and touched and felt, and thought before I finally bought this luscious yarn, the hand-dyed mohair was such a beautiful color, that I couldn't decide between that and the merino in the same aqua so I opted for both.  I am not unhappy about it, I bought them both from the nicest older couple from Michigan.  I had met them at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival when I bought pink mohair yarn from their booth. That day was very hot, it was about 95 degrees.  When I visited their booth they had shared their iced tea with me!

Anyway, I walked out of their booth into the sun, feeling very good and happy about  my purchase and there was another booth called Good Karma Farm. The yarn was all hanging from a tree that was all carved and smoothed and polished, it was so inviting that people were all around feeling the yarn!  (that is what yarn lovers do)  The colors were so different and irresistible that I had to buy 5 skeins of variegated dark purple , you can see it in the photo.  the yarn is a blend of wool and alpaca and is very smooth and soft.  I had to start knitting it right away to see how it worked up so I bought bamboo needles, too and knitted in the car on the way home..

This is how stunning the day was, the trees were absolutely on fire.  It could not have been a more beautiful day.
AND we got to see the sheep
And the alpaca!
Now all I need is a little quiet time to knit.  

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Many Good Things!

Oh! Oh no!  It has been so long since I wrote, so many things have happened!

Lindsay had a beautiful wedding in Chicago, all of our family was together for the event, it was gorgeous!  Part of the fun was creating the place cards for each guest.

We also learned that our family is going to expand even a bit more, Nathalie and Michael will be having a little baby boy in January!
Well, that means, of course, that I had to begin knitting immediately!!
This is called entrelac, and it looks like it is woven, so it is very interesting to look at and to knit!
I am also working on a "sweater" or sort of a lacy cardigan top, I bought the yarn at a fun little store in Manhattan called Downtown Yarns.  My  knitting group, "The ladies" and I went on a field trip to Manhattan and stumbled upon this shop.  The entire small space was filled with sample pieces that the owner had knitted so you could see what you  might like to make and then purchase the yarn and pattern!  It was so great, I chose this pattern and bought the yarn.  The yarn is flax so it is almost stringy, and I completely finished the entire piece and discovered that it was WAY too big.  I ripped it all out and started al over,  That is how much I love the way it is going to look!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

So not having had a lot of time to knit, it makes my fingers itch!  What gets in the way of knitting all the time? When I am with the kids in my knitting club at school, the focus is on watching them intently trying to maneuver the stitches on the needles, unraveling the yarn that is hopelessly tied into knots.  I day dream that I am on my couch expertly and smoothly clicking through another row of my latest project, watching it grow feeling the soapy yarn slipping through my fingers!
My knitting Club did participate in a "Club Fair" night where we displayed our hard work.  The night was a success and it was fun to see everyone appreciate the kids knitting.

Here are some of the little monsters I am trying to teach the kids to make.  They are crocheted and are a big hit at school.  Problem?  The kids want me to make them for them!
My favorite picture so far, my socks on display on the grass in front of the Eiffel Tower!  Thanks Steff for sending me this wonderful shot...and these of the vest I made.  This yarn is so soft, I loved working with it.  I am so glad you are wearing it!  Enjoy!

Here is an interesting thing that came to me from Anita, I inherited some of her knitting things when she passed away.  this is a circular needle made of Bakelite.  It is very stiff and the points are very sharp so it is not that easy to knit with but it has a beautiful mellow color and patina, I just keep it with all of my knitting things and remember that there is a long history to knitting.
This is an attempt to use some of my little bits of left over sock yarn.  I liked the way the stitches look almost like a woven piece, but it is very labor intensive so i have put it aside.  Will I ever finish this?  I am not really sure, I do not need another scarf, really.  I am already eyeing a pair of fair isle socks using leftover sock yarn.  We'll see.  Meanwhile, i am going to continue to work on my short rows sweater.  I want to emulate my knitting friend, Judy, and stick to one project (or maybe two) at a time.

Monday, February 20, 2012

When I get time off from work I do not know what to do first!  I am so happy to be home and able to do what I want...but there are so many things that I want to do!
First, I started to really organize my patterns.  I have been collecting patterns since I was young.  I can remember showing my binder with patterns to my grandmother, she laughed and said "You will never finish all of these things!" I  have been collecting even since then, now I wonder what she would say!
I did start to get rid of some of the magazines that I have been stockpiling, but I will never get rid of my Vogue Knitting!!  I have a collection going back to 1983.
 Here is  the dog sweater that i created for the adorable little dog below!  Elle is the most fashionable of dogs, and now she will have a nice warm sweater to wear in the cold Chicago winter.  I hope it fits the right way.  I may have to make some adjustments, but I am leaving tomorrow to see Elle, and Laura Jean and Lindsay so we will try it on her then.
So, I am still absolutely addicted to knitting socks now that I am knitting two at a time on two circulars.  It makes a world of difference, here are some socks I am working on now.  I had started one on DPs but frogged them and now I restarted them on circulars!  I love the tiny little cable effect.  The yarn is gorgeous, too.

I have started a knitting club at school.  The kids come to my room during their recess time to learn how to knit.  They have been doing a great job so far, and they love knitting.

So, I have chosen a little project that we can all work on together, it is a bean bag, so we knit one long rectangle, fold it over and sew up the three sides.  I have added a heart to mine, just for some color, and we stuff them with navy beans.  These are a big hit at my school!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Day Weekend!

     Ah, yes, did anyone ever think it would be a GREAT idea to work four days a week instead of five?  I would work the extra hours just to do that!  I envy Lindsay who can work twelve hour shifts in return for days off!  I have been luxuriating in the quiet, after the frenzy of Christmas, getting finished with gifts that I was knitting for my favorite people I have been able to revisit some older projects and begin to finish them off, one by one.
     Here is one, a Sea Waves Scarf, I love the colors and the way they change.  It is so soft , I may want to add a fringe or something to it, but the knitting is finished!
      I asked Laura Jean to model the cowl I made for her, she got it for her birthday, I made one for Nathalie for Christmas, too.

     Of course, Laura Jean had a request which I wanted to fulfill right away.  It thrills me that my daughters ask me to knit things for them, when they were much younger they wouldn't dream of wearing anything I knitted.
     Here she is in her headband hat, it is a thick, cabled band, she asked for two buttons at the back which was a bit of a departure from the pattern, but turned out great.

      And another photo, she was wearing her hat when she went to the Giants-Packers game at Lambeau Field in Wisconsin, and was interviewed by News 4 NY!
 Some more projects that are coming along...

I call these my Watermelon Socks, knit on two circulars.  I am finessing the toe part of socks, so these have been finished, then undone, and finished and undone, I just want to get the toes right!
     What does one do with leftover sock yarn when one is obsessed with knitting socks?
I knit tiny little mitred squares, which will all be put together to make something, I am not sure what...stay tuned

     I have started a knitting Club at school, teaching the 4th and 5th graders how to knit.  They have really done a nice job, this is one of them, with the scarf that she made!  Well done, Madonna!
...and a video of the works in progress
      So now, I am going to sign off so I can enjoy the rest of this Martin Luther King holiday, knitting!