Sunday, May 25, 2008

I have just spent half an hour reading how other knitting obsessed people store their stashes. This proves to me that I am a hopeless addict, as I am reading I am commenting in my head "NO! No! Store the pattern WITH the yarn!" I am sure I have the best method! Here is the thing. The yarn is the utmost important, but you must also have a pattern or an idea of what you want to do with that yarn, and to keep those two in sync is the key. I have many books, magazines and binders with patterns I have been collecting. I also have them all marked with stickies if I am really interested in making them. One binder has all of my "in progress" patterns so that is at hand all of the time. Matching yarn with a project is always an AHA! moment. Sometimes I buy yarn just because I like it and then I match it up with a pattern so I like to have a library of many patterns or an idea in my mind that I can create for all of the yarn that I have collected. I do not have a photo today, tomorrow I am going to take more photos of some projects. I am suffering terribly from allergies so I am moving slow.l Sorry!

Monday, May 19, 2008


After the frenzy of the Maryland Sheep and wool Festival and the glut of yarn I came home to face I had to seriously think about organization of this massive, and growing pile of yarn, my stash, my security blanket, my treasure chest...but what good is it if every time I open the door I am met with a terrible clash of bags and boxes and piles of mismatched and disorganized mayhem? Enter...Ravelry. It is a website. Now the website itself cannot get you organized but it did help me get focused enough to start and to help direct me in ways. I spent the entire day on Sunday emptying out my yarn closet. I inventoried all of my yarn that has not been used. How much I have, what weight, where I bought it, how much I have. I put each in it's own bag. I stored it in cedar lined trunks. I also inventoried all of my projects that are in progress. These remain easily accessible in the yarn closet. I have all of the directions and patterns in a binder marked "In Progress" The hardest part so far is entering all of the information onto Ravelry, although, it is an amazing site, there are links to patterns so if the pattern is available online you can link to it, it is just really a techie-who-happens-to=knit's dream or conversely, a knitter-who-happens-to-be-a-techie's dream. You do have to ask to be invited to the site. The link is www.ravelry.combut once you are joined there is such a wealth of information and links and patterns and tips it is really worth the wait. And now I feel like I can handle another Sheep and Wool problem!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow, the day I had been waiting for, I drove down to Pennsylvania to stay with my friend Steff. We woke up early to drive to Maryland, arrived at 9 to see a long line of other yarn enthusiasts waiting to get in! We spent the day looking at yarn and all other items associated with sheep, wool, knitting, spinning, weaving, hooking... the list is endless. It was a day of sensory overload. I could barely sleep that night, I kept seeing yarn and colors and feeling textures. I came home with a mountain of new yarn, I have to say I caved when it came to sock yarn, it is my personal weakness. I was also introduced to a basket weaver where I was tempted yet again. I came home with a load of new baskets, too.

New this year for me was watching the Border Collie show. These are the smartest cutest dogs. It was really amazing. Of course, the alpaca were special, I love those critters.

So, now, I will knit like a fiend, try to use all my yarn, and look forward to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck in October!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Knitting Club!

We have a knitting club at school! The fifth grade girls asked me if I could teach them how to knit so we get together on our lunch time and knit! How cute are they?? I am very excited that they are picking up on it so quickly but the more important thing is that they get a chance to just talk and gossip while they re knitting and learning this skill. They don't get a lot of time in the NYCBOE to do creative and fun things so this is a treat!

In the meantime, a friend asked me to post the picture of the sweater that I am NOT happy with and want to rework. Here it is...I said that I would include some of my disasters as well as some of my favorites...This sweater is made out of such gorgeous wool, but the shape just didn't do it justice, and I liked the idea of the ruffle but it wasn't wide enough. So, I will rip this out and start again!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Early Morning the only time I can think or write anything, the rest of the day becomes a blur of activity, decisions, meetings, driving, I can barely face the pile of things I have to attend to that await me on my dining room table. As much as I hate the blinking alarm clock going off at 5 it is really the only quiet thinking time I get.

Today I am meeting with my fifth grade "knitting club" they asked me to please teach them to knit. They set this all up. About 15 little girls come to my room during my lunch time to learn how to knit. It is so wonderful to see these kids knitting and proudly carrying around their projects. Much of it is the social time we get to spend together because now in the schools, or at least the New York City Department of Education, every minute must be accountable, every second spent in assessing and goal setting. The huge push is on writing and so the kids are consigned to their desks for close to six hours every day writing and reading. This is a welcome break to them. They want to be engaged and busy but this is a more physical action and definitely more gratifying. I am going to share pictures because I am taking my camera out today...stay tuned!!